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iEnterprise - "A software made for all our business issues", Marchandise S.A.

Marchandise S.A, officiel dealer and renter for MANITOU and CASE IH, is a multi-activity and multi-sectors company. Marchandise S.A welcome us in his company, located near to Liege in Belgium, for an interview. The executive director, Ivan Marchandise, told us a bit more about his experience with iEnterprise and the different modules of IRIUM SOFTWARE.

Marchandise S.A is an official dealer for MANITOU and CASE IH. The company also distribute products from STEYR, TOYOTA MATERIAL HANDLING or even PÖTTINGER. iEnterprise was implemented in 2017. Ivan Marchandise told us his experience with IRIUM SOFTWARE from the implementation of iEnterprise to the use of the software including the choice of using different modules such as the workshop schedule, the rental module or iMob Service, to manage his mobile technicians. Mr. Marchandise give us a complete testimony about the numerous advantages of choosing a solution like iEnterprise in a company dealing and renting handling equipment.



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Why choosing a solution like iEnterprise ?

"We do use multiple modules of iEnterprise related to our different activities. It allow us to have one single solution to support our activity that meets with our expectations."

What are the advantages of the workshop planing ?

"We gain many benefits from the IRIUM workshop planing. We improve our productivity. We have also a better follow up of our technician activity but also the planing, and the fulfilment of jobs. We improve our communication to our customers. It represents a lot of benefits for our company."

What is the advantage of using interfaces ?

"Store men do use IRIUM which contains multiple interfaces connected to our manufacturers. Our two main manufacturers: MANITOU and CASE IH. Those interfaces provide a real added value and increase our productivity. No need to rekay manually data in the process. They are used on a daily basis by the store men. They are very satisfied with this solution."

What are the benefits of choosing a mobility solution like iMob Service ?

"We are now paperless. For technicians, it's quite simple, whatever the order type, warranty job, PDI, maintenance or repair."

What visibility on your machines does the rental module offers you ?

"We manage a 600 machines fleet. The rental module give us the opportunity to quickly view the machine avaliabilities. It can be rented machines, machines in stock, on return, in the workshop or in maintenance."


We would like to thank Mr. Marchandise and the company for their time and testimony.

For futher details about Marchandise S.A : https://www.marchandise.be/

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